Dura Trench Products

Trench drain products should be selected based off the specific needs of the project.  Typically a precast trench drain system is the most desirable.  This is due to the fact that the trench drain system is completely designed and fabricated to ensure every component fits properly and is easy to install.  Trench drain forming systems are similar in that the system is designed to work together, but the trench drain forms must be removed.  This is an additional step and extra labor, but can be desirable in certain applications.  

The most common and easy to install precast system that we offer are our GFRPC precast trench drain systems. These GFRPC (glass fiber reinforced polymer concrete) trench drain systems are rugged and durable while offering a multitude of options that fit almost any application  Furthermore, they are easily customized to fit almost any application.

Slot drains are typically used when large flows are required or when the design calls for a very sleek look without visible grates.  These systems are highly effective and cost less than trench drain systems.  The downfall of this product is that it is more difficult to clean debris and sedimentation from the pipe.

Stainless steel trench drains are typically reserved for chemical applications or food grade applications where other materials are not suitable.   In some cases stainless steel trench drains are used for aesthetic reasons, but typically architectural applications can be handled more cost efficiently using a precast trench drain system with a stainless frame and grate.