Chemical Drains & Containment Curbs

 All of our standard products are offered in a chemical resistant vinyl ester resin.  This includes any of our trench drain sizes as well as slot drains.  Please refer to the prefabricated drain section or slot pipe section for selection of trench size and frame options.

The vinyl ester resin is significantly better in elevated temperatures and high concentration chemical applications.  Please review the chemical resistance guide for compatibility.  If your specific chemical is not listed we will be happy to send a coupon of the trench body so that you can do your own testing to determine compatibility.  In some limited applications, the vinyl ester resin may not be resistant enough for the application.  In these instances we can offer epoxy formulations, stainless steel bodies (both 304 & 316), HDPE, PVC, or other materials that are suitable for the application.  Dura-Trench specialized in custom and difficult applications and has the engineering staff to make your needs a reality.

 In many applications a chemical resistant containment curb is used in conjunction with a trench drain to form a containment area.  The Dura-Trench containment curbs are offered in the same resins that our trench bodies are and offer the same chemical resistance.  The curbs are load rated and can be crossed with a standard forklift.  Please contact us for additional details and specifications for your containment area.